Net Stop W32time & Net Start W32time

W32tm /ReSync

W32tm /TZ --> Display Time Zone

Net time /QuerySNTP

Net time /SETSNTP:

How to configure daylight saving time for Microsoft Windows operating systems

The daylight saving time period ends early after applying a Windows cumulative time zone update

control.exe timedate.cpl,,/Z Egypt Standard Time

From the windows resources Kit: Timezone.exe

Daylight Saving Time Update Utility

TIMEZONE [/?] [/g | /s StartDate EndDate]

/?: Command line help
/g: Get the current timezone
/s: Set a new timezone
StartDate: Date that Daylight Saving Time begins EndDate: Date that Daylight Saving Time ends
StartDate and EndDate use format:  Hour:DayOfWeek:Day:Month
Hour: 00-23 (specifies the hour)
DayOfWeek: 0-6 (specifies the day of the week; Sunday = 0, Monday = 1,
and so on)
Day : 1-5 (specifies the occurrence of day in the month; 1 = first
occurrence of day, 2 = second occurrence of day, ..., 5 = last
occurrence of day)
(if DayOfWeek is Sunday, then 1 = first Sunday, 4 = fourth
Sunday, 5 = last Sunday) Month: 01-12 (specifies the month; January = 1, February = 2, and so on)


TIMEZONE /s 02:0:5:04 02:2:1:10
Timezone will be changed to:
Daylight Saving Time begins at 2:00 on last Sunday in April (02:0:5:04) Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00 on forth Tuesday in October (02:2:4:10)