Open MMC, and add multiple Remote desktop snap-ins as you want, then save it to a .msc file


To rename the remote desktop tree, look for the below pattern:

    <IdentifierPool AbsoluteMin="1" AbsoluteMax="65535" NextAvailable="10"/>
        <String ID="1" Refs="1">Favorites</String>
        <String ID="2" Refs="4">AD</String>
        <String ID="4" Refs="5">Exchange</String>
        <String ID="5" Refs="5">Virtuals</String>
        <String ID="6" Refs="5">Managment</String>
        <String ID="3" Refs="2">ADIB</String>
        <String ID="7" Refs="5">SQL</String>
        <String ID="8" Refs="5">CITRIX</String>
        <String ID="9" Refs="1">Temp</String>

below is the block that represent a single remote desktop snap in, to knows its display name, match the numbers in <String Name="Name" ID="X"/> below and <String ID="9" Refs="1">Temp</String> above.

         <Node ID="98" ImageIdx="0" CLSID="{3D5D035E-7721-4B83-A645-6C07A3D403B7}" Preload="false">
            <String Name="Name" ID="9"/>
              <BinaryData Name="Small" BinaryRefIndex="28"/>
              <BinaryData Name="Large" BinaryRefIndex="29"/>
                <GUID Name="Snapin">{3D5D035E-7721-4B83-A645-6C07A3D403B7}</GUID>
                <Stream BinaryRefIndex="30"/>
              <Component ViewID="1">
                <GUID Name="Snapin">{3D5D035E-7721-4B83-A645-6C07A3D403B7}</GUID>
                <Stream BinaryRefIndex="31"/>

The above block is helpfull also when you want to re-arrange snap-ins.